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Speakers come in many different shapes & sizes and are required to perform in many different environments.

MJ believes that you can never have enough speakers in venue to provide the best all round sound possible.

More over, to ensure the sound is appropriately controlled and distributed from many locations. This creates a comfortable sound level for the guests that wish to sit and chat around the edge, while focusing intensity for the dance floor.

MJ will always ask what kind of event you are looking for, to ensure an appropriate sound level can be factored into your requirements.

MJ is not a fan of having two small speakers screaming away in a venue where 100 or more people are expecting to party along with some House or bass heavy RnB.  Close up the pair of speakers will be painful to the ear and will leave your guests with ringing ears at the end of the night.

In this scenario MJ will install frequency dependant speakers and normally will bring more than enough to ensure the speakers operate well within their capacity. A four box system is the most popular, this comprises of two 15″ bass bins and two full range speakers sited on support posts.  The bass bins can be installed inside the booth if you are looking for an elegant approach to speaker placement. The Full range speakers can be placed within the room to ensure good quality full range HiFi sound is achieved on the dance floor.

Why compromise in sound quality if you are looking for an elegant mobile dj set up… just think different!

MJ has 10 different speakers to select from, therefore offering the client scalability with multiple options to suit a given budget or venue.

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