MJ has a multitude of computer controlled lighting at his disposal including animation lasers. However, he very rarely uses every single light fixture in his arsenal at a party.

More often, a few well placed up lighters are situated within the room to create the ambiance, then a pair of scanners located on chrome supports overlooking the main dance floor look after the motion.


Lighting packages generally escalate in £50 increments over and above the basic roadshow.

Custom projections can also be catered for…  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements – click here!

stockbrook_houseroomHaving a custom lighting package gives you the advantage of your party standing out from the rest.

Being computer controlled means that themes can be changed at the touch of a button to create various ‘moods’ fitting the pace of music as the evening progresses.

MJ believes having this level of control is important to create an uplifting vibe at any party, and sets his business apart from many alternative suppliers who may only provide uncontrolled ‘sound to light’ lighting.



DMX & ILDA Lighitng & Laser Control

Shown (left) is a midi keyboard connected to MJs lighting software (MyDMX 2) loaded to the mac book pro laptop.

To the side is a small notebook running Quickshow for his custom laser animations.





One major issue with using laser lighting….

Cluster Lasers, while a very good lighting effect when pointed at the ceiling, when used as part of a  Bride & Grooms first dance could render the photos useless.

dotty_laserTake this example (Left)…

The photographer would have a complete nightmare recovering this photo into something acceptable.

This is the kind of advice a DJ can appropriately recommend for your specific party.