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For as long as MJ can remember the Pioneer CDJ decks have been a product that have set the level.

They appear on many a DJs wish list for birthdays or Christmas and feature in every nightclub in the land (that can afford them).  They set the benchmark standard that all other DJ equipment manufacturers aspire to.

Laptops are not part of MJs playout system, he sees it as a form of witch craft, ie you can never tell if a laptop will crash or randomly stop working.

The last thing any party needs however large or small is the music stopping, hence MJs reason for using Pioneer CDJs at the heart of his business.

Between the years of 2001 & 2008 MJ used laptops for playout, and was extremely pleased to use a much more reliable mode of playout when he could afford a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000s. Since 2008 he has not looked back.  While convenient a laptop maybe, with is lightweight appeal and small footprint… laptops were never designed to be bombarded with low frequency bass vibrations or put through the typical paces a DJ comes to demand from his equipment. Where as the CDJ has been designed from the ground up to fit the demands of working professional djs – they come road ready as standard.

Stress levels at parties are now at rock bottom, and he can now deliver 100% focus on music and having fun with the guests.. where as in the past, much of the prep and backup processes took the focus away from delivering a fun night on the dance floor.


MJ does carry a mac book pro laptop as back up if ever the worst was to happen!

The backup laptop is by no means left redundant waiting for use, as it takes centre stage with the computer controlled lighting system during your parties.

You can read more about the lighting systems MJ employs here!

This is a behind the scenes shot of MJs booth. Luckily all the glamour is saved for the front view.