Class Leading Nightclub Standard Professional Kit For as long as MJ can remember the Pioneer CDJ decks have been a product that have set the level. They appear on many a DJs wish list for birthdays or Christmas and feature in every nightclub in the land (that can afford them).  They set the benchmark standard [...]


Contemporary Clean Elegant Robust Secure Are just some of the words industry reviews have said about this booth. No matter what event this booth appears at, the guests and clients love it. I comes complete in black or white star lit cloth. The leds within the cloth have various modes of operation... They can twinkle, [...]


Neat Punchy Clean Hi Fi Quality Discrete Speakers come in many different shapes & sizes and are required to perform in many different environments. MJ believes that you can never have enough speakers in venue to provide the best all round sound possible. More over, to ensure the sound is appropriately controlled and distributed from many [...]


MJ has a multitude of computer controlled lighting at his disposal including animation lasers. However, he very rarely uses every single light fixture in his arsenal at a party. More often, a few well placed up lighters are situated within the room to create the ambiance, then a pair of scanners located on chrome supports [...]